Wedding Bridal Shows can be fun!

Thursday, January 3rd 2013 10:15 pm

It's that time of year in Music In Motion-land.  No not the cold and snow that the Upper-Midwest Winter brings.  It’s BRIDAL SHOW SEASON!  Whatever they call them, Wedding Expo’s, Wedding Fairs or Wedding Extravaganzas; for this article I will refer to these events as Bridal Shows.  Chances are that if your Christmas present came in a small box with a diamond ring or your New Year's Eve midnight kiss included a proposal, you will be heading to one of these Bridal Shows in the very near future. 

To be clear a Wedding Bridal Show is an event normally held in a convention center or ballroom of a hotel.  Many Wedding Vendors display their products and services in booths and generally these vendors are from the local area near the actual bridal show location.  This is to your advantage and gives you an idea of what your potential options are in your geographical location.  Some bridal shows also include a fashion show of dresses / tuxedos / suits / flowers.  They are a great place to get some serious wedding shopping and info gathering done in one place and in one day. 

I have been a DJ vendor at many Wedding Bridal Shows and have seen some brides have great experiences and have a good time.  However, I have also seen some brides that don’t have so much fun and are rather stressed out.  Here is a short list of ideas and tips that well hopefully help you have a fun time and make the most of going to a Wedding Bridal Show.

  1. Make a day of it. - Typically most wedding bridal shows start mid-morning and end early afternoon on a weekend (Saturday / Sunday).  Why not make a day of it.  Grab your bridesmaids early that morning and stop to get some breakfast beforehand and plan for some “recap” time after, too.  Treat it like a social gathering (with a mission). 
  2. Bring People with you! - Mothers-of-the-brides generally love to help plan their little girl’s big day.  Your bridesmaids can also help too.  Let’s not forget the groom either.  I know that it will most likely be the last place he wants to be but it doesn’t hurt.  This way you have more than one person looking at and hearing info you will be receiving.  You also will have one than one person bringing questions to the table for the vendors too.  Sometimes questions that you may not have thought of.  
  3. Wear comfortable shoes! – You will be on your feet for a long time and doing a lot of walking and usually on a concrete floor. 
  4. Bring mailing labels with all your details printed on them. – Many Vendors will have sign-up sheets for info packets / drawings / give-a-way items.  Save yourself the time of all that writing by simply putting your info on a mailing label then sticking it to the sign-up sheet.  You should include: Bride and Groom Names, date of event, location of reception, mailing address, e-mail address and cell number.
  5. Bring a cloth re-useable grocery bag with you. – You can use this to keep all of the brochures and business cards in one spot.  It is much easier to carry one bag than it is to carry 100 brochures of various sizes. 
  6. Plan out your priorities. – There will be all types of Wedding Vendors at the Trade Show.  DJs / Caterers / Flowers / Photographers / Banquet Facilities / Limo services / etc.  Many Bridal Shows will have 50-100 booths to visit.  If you are currently planning, mainly focus only on the vendors that you have not locked in.  Or if you are like many Brides and need ideas try to hit as many as you can.  Your priorities should reflect on the Wedding Planning Stage you are in (Getting ideas / Currently Planning / Tying up the last details).  
  7. Go With your gut. – When you are recapping the mountains of information you received, go with your first impressions on vendors.  If you were impressed while speaking with a Wedding DJ / Photographer / Caterer / etc., give them a call back.  If a vendor could not get you excited about their service face to face it should serve as a red flag to you that they may not be the best fit for your needs.
  8. Lastly, Stay open minded and have fun!

I hope this short list of ideas helps you when you track out into the wilderness that can be Wedding Bridal Shows.  They can be a very productive and positive experience during your journey into wedding planning.  There is a wealth of information at your disposal all in the same location.  I strongly urge that you take advantage of attending at least one Wedding Bridal Show.

Ben Lauzer
Music In Motion Disc Jockeys
Saint Cloud Minnesota Area Manager