• Music in Motion DJs Game Shows The Feud
  • Music in Motion DJs Game Shows Match Game
  • Music in Motion DJs Game Shows Min-it to Win-it
  • Music in Motion DJs Game Shows Truth or Dare
  • Music in Motion DJs Game Shows The Wheel and Trivia Wars


Eight Exciting Shows!

At Music In Motion, we have eight game show productions to choose from.  TRIVIA WARS and SHOWBIZ QUIZ both allow for team play and use of our fully functional Jeopardy style contestant podiums.  THE FEUD show is based on the popular television game show still airing today.  MATCH THE JURY emulates a new 2016 / 2017 game show and a classic 1970's star studded game show.  MIN-IT TO WIN-IT is a modern day twist on the classic "Beat the Clock" game show.  THE WHEEL show is based on America's favorite night time game show.  Our newest action packed shows are TRUTH OR DARE and TABLE TOP FLASH TRIVIA.

Great For...

  • Corporations:  Holiday Parties, Banquets, Training Seminars
  • Schools:  After Prom, Senior Graduation Lock-ins, Rewards Event
  • Festivals & Fairs:  Stage Shows
  • Conventions
  • Class Reunions

Emulate popular TV game shows

  • The Feud
  • Trivia Wars
  • Name That TV & Movie Clip, "ShowBiz Quiz"
  • The Wheel
  • Min-It To Win-It
  • Truth Or Dare
  • Match The Jury
  • Table Top Flash Trivia

Each with...

  • Individual or team play
  • Game Show set
  • Sound effects and scoring
  • Highly entertaining Game Show Host & engineer
  • PA System and microphones