Here are some of the most common questions that wedding couples have asked Music In Motion Disc Jockeys throughout the years...

How are you different than other services?

We feel that our 30-plus years in the wedding business has given us an extensive background of experiences to draw upon to assist you in planning.  We have learned to follow through with each customer and ask the important questions to help your event go smoothly.  We use these years of experience to train and teach our entertainers how to please a crowd.  We know the value of implementing back-up procedures, equipment and people.  We have created a base package that can be customized to create the event you want without over-paying for unnecessary items.  Our goal is to service your needs not inflate your costs.

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Do your Disc Jockeys interact with the crowd?

Our entertainers can be as involved with the crowd as you wish.  You can request a more outgoing, energetic DJ who will actively encourage participation throughout the night or you can request a DJ who is more focused on skillfully presenting the music with less activities and talk.  We will match you to a DJ that specializes in the style you are looking for!

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Do your DJ's take requests?

Absolutely! Our entertainers are continually trained on how to read a crowd's needs and how to incorporate requests from your guests into the flow of the evening. Using their past experience, professional judgment, and your vision for the night, they will make sure your crowd is involved and enjoying the atmosphere.

How much music do you bring with you?

We have thousands of songs in our music library, and it grows nearly every week with the latest songs.  That's a huge amount of music when you realize that we can only play between 50-75 songs during a 4-hour event.

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How do your entertainers dress?

Professionally.  Your Disc Jockey will be well dressed, well groomed and polite.  A dress shirt, dress pants and tie are standard apparel.  It's important to maintain a professional appearance, but also to make sure we stand apart from the wedding party.  If you have special attire needs for your event, please let us know in advance.

Are you prepared for emergencies?

We think it's important to prepare for the unexpected.  We carry complete back-up equipment to each show in case something is not working quite right.  We also have an on-call person standing by each Saturday night to assist with troubleshooting if needed.

Are you going to contact me before the wedding?

Definitely.  We recognize that planning and organizing a wedding is a huge undertaking and you may not be able to call us each time a question or idea comes to you.  By calling you on a scheduled basis, it allows us to stay on top of your details, get input from you, and let you know we are still thinking about your day.