"People are still complimenting the Disc Jockeys performance three weeks after the wedding.  We were very pleased with his ability to get our guests involved with the night and with his sense of humor."
-- H. Esche

"Older adults were pleased with his music selections and use of softer music for the early hours of the dance.  Thanks for doing such a good job & helping to make our wedding day complete."
-- C. Cripps

Weddings Testimonials | construction man dance

"Thank you for setting us up with the perfect DJ for us.  He helped us to totally relax and enjoy the night.  We highly recommend the Kidz Mini Fun Show.  It was the most well spent money of the whole evening.  It tired the kids right out and at the end of the night, they were passed out everywhere.  Thank you again for making our wedding party a highly enjoyable EVENT!"
-- M & S Bolton

Weddings Testimonials | kid dancing

"We were very pleased with our entertainer.  He periodically checked with us throughout the night to ask how it was going and if we needed anything.  We received a lot of compliments about our DJ that night.  He did an excellent job creating a fun atmosphere!  Thank You!"
-- The Verovoren's

"The Kidz Mini Fun Show started things out with a bang!  It really set the mood for fun for everyone later on.  Music variety, courtesy and the outgoing personality of our Disc Jockey all made it a night to remember.  I have two girlfriends getting married in the next year and I've given them your card already!"
-- B & P Richardson

"Everything we requested both before and during the reception was done exactly as asked.  She was polite, fun, exciting & really got the crowd involved from the beginning.  The music was fun, entertaining and totally appropriate for the different age groups.  Thank You!"
-- The Stordahl's

"Initially, we requested that a lot of country get played, but when she did, not many people danced.  After talking with us, she switched things and played music that kept the crowd on the dance floor.  I really appreciated that because everyone had tons of fun!
-- Melissa & Todd

Weddings Testimonials | dance lineup

"I truly feel grateful for how our DJ made our wedding day special.  He fit right in, like he was one of the family.  Thank you so much."
-- J. Kieffer