UpLighting is the latest room enhancement option available.  Using color and beams of light, older rooms can be rejuvenated and newer venues can be lit in a dramatic fashion, setting the atmosphere for fun and celebration!

Eight LED lights wash the walls with a static color, or can be set to alternate between several colors, subtly changing the setting of your room.  Later, they can be programmed to chase to the music, increasing the excitement throughout the venue.  Whether you need a hint of accent lighting, a wash for a wall or a focused beam to highlight an area or feature, UpLighting can change the whole look of your room with little investment.

Weddings UpLighting blue

With a full spectrum of color, the possibilities of UpLighting are virtually limitless. 
The color creates a point of interest that adds depth, detail and expression to your night.  UpLighting can make a small room appear larger by adding contrast to your walls and it can make a large room appear more intimate by emphasizing subtle elements.

Availability is limited.  Ask about adding UpLighting to your event today!

Weddings UpLighting red

Music In Motion DJ's Up Lighting blue

Music In Motion DJ's Up Lighting clear

Music In Motion DJ's Up Lighting green