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We are prepared for the unexpected. With extra people on "stand-by" the night of your celebration and back-up equipment always with us, you have the peace of mind knowing we are ready to handle any situation. Wedding Details


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Photo Booth

The photo booth is like a time machine, transporting you to a world of nostalgia and fun. As you step inside, the cozy space envelops you in a warm embrace, beckoning you to let loose and make memories. The soft glow of the light bulbs cast a flattering light on your face, while the vintage-inspired props and backdrop transport you to a different era.

The whirring of the camera and the click of the shutter are like music to your ears, singing the start of the photo-taking frenzy. You strike poses you never knew you had in you, donning silly hats and oversized sunglasses with reckless abandon. The photo strip emerges from the printer like a gift, capturing the joy and laughter of the moment in a tangible memento.

The photo booth is more than just a place to take pictures; it's a communal experience that brings people together. Friends and strangers alike gather around the booth, egging each other on to be more daring and creative with their poses. The energy is infectious, and the resulting photos are a testament to the bond forged in that fleeting moment.

In the end, the photo booth is more than just a box with a camera; It's a portal to a world of imagination and connection, where memories are made, and laughter is shared.

Audio Guestbook (New in 2023!)

Imagine walking into a room filled with memories and stories waiting to be heard. As you approach a small table, you notice a device that looks like a telephone. This is not just any telephone, though. It's an audio guestbook, a modern twist on the traditional pen and paper guestbook.

The device is inviting and easy to use. You simply pick it up, hold it like you would any other phone, and begin to speak. The audio guestbook captures your voice, your laughter, your memories, and your sentiments. As you record your message, you feel as though you're having a conversation with someone special, someone who will listen and cherish your words.

The audio guestbook is a time capsule of emotions, a collection of voices that tell a story. It's a testament to the power of human connection, a reminder that our stories matter and that our experiences are worth sharing. When you listen to the audio guestbook, you're transported to a moment in time, a memory that is captured forever.

The audio guestbook is a celebration of life, a tribute to the people and the moments that make it all worth it. It's a unique way to capture memories, share stories, and connect with others. So pick up the Telephone, and let your voice be heard. Your story is waiting to be told.


Fireworks are like a brilliant symphony of light and sound that celebrate the joy and love of a wedding reception. Imagine a clear night sky, dark and mysterious, illuminated by bursts of color and sparks that dance and twirl in the air like joyous spirits.

As the wedding reception draws to a close, guests gather outside, anticipating the grand finale of the evening. Suddenly, the night sky comes alive with spectacular display of fireworks, each explosion echoing through the air like a joyful pearl of bells.

The fireworks burst forth in a kaleidoscope of colors, each one more beautiful than the last. Red, blue, green, and gold, they paint the sky with a magnificent tapestry of light. As the fireworks soar higher and higher into the air, the crowd watches in awe, mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the display.

The sound of the fireworks is just as impressive as the visual spectacle. Each explosion echoes through the air, creating a symphony of sound that adds an extra dimension of excitement to the display. The booms and crackles reverberate through the night, punctuating the bursts of color like an exclamation point.

As the final fireworks explode into the sky, guests cheer and applaud, their hearts are filled with joy and happiness. The fireworks are a fitting tribute the newlyweds, a testament to the love and commitment they share. They are truly a magical way to end a wedding reception, leaving guests with memories that will last a lifetime.


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Corporate Events

Holiday parties, retirements, celebrations of success...
Music in Motion will work with you to make any corporate celebration exactly what you want it to be!
Holiday Party Options

Option #1: The Martini Package

A great show for a lounge-type atmostpherewhere people want to talk with each other. Music from all eras for all people.

Option #2: The Gamer

Games, mixers, and activitie for audience interaction and fun. Great for both spectators and the players.

Add-on Option: Decades Party

A dance through the past five decades with music, trivia, and pop culture paraphernelia. A sure fire hit with crowds of all ages and sizes. More Add-on Options

School Events

School Events

Prom, Homecoming, school dance...
Whatever the school event, we will not disappoint! Our DJs will create a memory to last a lifetime! Music in Motion does much more than provide music for your students to dance to, we provide an event!


Luminator Lighting Packages

Make an even bigger impression by upgrading to our "Luminator" light show ($90.00) Light up the night with effects that pulsate and move to the beat of the music.

Black Light Package

Gives your event a Club feel. ($90.00)

Premiere Lighting Package

Our Biggest Light Show featuring two 200-Watt LED moving head lights. Sure to add energy to any dance floor. $150.00

Music Video Packages

Playing today's Top Music Videos ($125.00) ON A BIG SCREEN TV!

Custom Monograms

With your prom theme or year ($100.00)

Photo Booth

Unlimited prints with custom green screen (Call for Pricing)

Premiere Lighting Package

Our Biggest Light Show featuring two 200-Watt LED moving head lights. Sure to add energy to any dance floor. $150.00

Rock N' Recess Program

Dances for the younger kids... it's like gym class without the sit ups. This program is designed to run for 2 hours. We do games and activities for the Preschool to 5th Graders. With this program, we get the kids moving doing different games and fun dances and give them prizes that they get to take home. It works great for any size group. We provide 128 or more for each Rock N' Recess program.

Game Shows

The Feud (Great for any size group)

As the name implies, it is a spin-off of one of the most popular games on TV. We have a complete gameshow set that we bring in to make your employees or guests feel like they are the stars. This game combines humor and some knowledge to make it entertaining not only for the people playing but the audience as well.

Table Top Trivia (Great for groups up to 120)

If you have people that are shy and don't want to be in front of everyone, this trivia game might be just right for your group. Each table is given a buzzer that will lock out the other tables so your whole table can work together to get the correct answer. The questions range from sports, pop culture, history, music, and general knowledge.